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What is PDR?
PDR is an abbreviation for "Paintless Dent Repair." Using specialized coated tools and extensive training, the dent is accessed and pressure is applied, removing the dent without harming the original finish. No dry ice, heat, glue, or suction is used. The dents will not reappear or "pop" back - later, as it is a permanent repair. This process is used by skilled technicians to remove small dents from the vehicle without having to use paint or use bondo on the vehicle, keeping the very valuable factory paint intact. There is no sanding, or body fillers or painting involved.

What size dents can be removed with this process?
Our ability to remove a dent is determined more by how sharp or how deep it is and where it's located, rather than how large. As a general rule of thumb - if a dent was caused by any moving vehicle, it will probably require a conventional body shop fix, because of the excessive stress to the metal and paint damage. We specialize in the most common dents and dings that are less than 6 inches, but, when accessible, we have removed dents larger than a basketball.

What if the paint is cracked or chipped?
What many people perceive as a chip or a scratch is often just an abrasion from the impact. These can usually be polished or rubbed out when we remove the dent. If the paint is chipped down to the primer or steel, removing the dimple or dent and applying factory touch up will make for a very acceptable repair, and is much better than repainting the entire panel. [Note] We do not perform paint "touch-up" services for this type of repair.

How long do repairs take?
During the time you are eating lunch, shopping, or playing 9 holes of golf, your car can probably be repaired. Most repairs are completed within 30 minutes.


What makes PDR better than traditional body repair methods?
The most significant advantage is the original factory finish remains intact. The vehicles value will not diminish because the damage will be repaired to original factory specs. Other major advantages are quick repair times, minimal or no disassembly, no paint hazards or paint over-spray, and more affordable repair costs.

Can a vehicle be repaired more than once using PDR?
Yes. If the vehicle sustains another dent in the same location after the initial repair, we can remove the dent again with no problems. Assuming the paint is still intact.

Can all panels on the vehicle be accessed?
There is a small percentage of the vehicle that is inaccessible due to inner-structure bracing. We require enough space to access the panel's in order for us to use our specialized tools.

How do I know the PDR work will be performed correctly?
Use a company who offers a written guarantee on the repairs completed to your satisfaction or you won't have to pay for the repairs. Additionally, use a company who has a proven history with major auto dealers in you area.

Dent Logic has 22 years of experience in the automotive industry and we provide a written 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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